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Holistic Women’s Health Support

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I know you want to do the very best for your health and I know it can be a daunting task to navigate through all the information available to you.  

Your life is busy, I get it. As a woman, balancing work and personal life has never been more challenging. Thinking of making changes to your already hectic routine seems impossible. But it's not!!!

I've been there! It's a journey that I went through while raising kids, working full-time and going to school for nutrition and it was an amazing adventure! I am so grateful for the experience and so are my kids and husband. 

Private Consultations

Located in North Vancouver, I provide personalized consultations in the privacy of your home either online via Zoom Meetings or in person. To book a consultation, either call me at (778)838-6058 or click below to book your appointment right now.

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20-min Meet & Greet $ Complimentary

Curious to know how I can help your wellness goals? Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation chat with me! This is a chance for us to get to know each other so we can determine if we're a fit! I'm available in-person or through video calling

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Initial Nutrition & Wellness Visit (90 minutes) $135

A full holistic nutritional assessment in the privacy of your home, followed by initial recommendations to get you started on your journey to wellness. Please note online sessions (via Zoom) are also available.

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Holistic Nutrition Follow-up Visit (45 minutes) $85

Available to current clients only. If you are a new client, please schedule an Initial Holistic Nutrition Visit (above) prior to this session.

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Birth Doula Services $750

Congratulations! I would be honoured to support you on your journey into motherhood. I will provide you with two prenatal visits, and one postpartum visit in the privacy of your home. Once labour starts I will guide you through each stage of your labour with physical, mental, and emotional support for yourself as well as your partner. I will provide you with customized resources during your pregnancy and be available for questions or concerns anytime.


Workshops and Prenatal Yoga Classes

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Interactive workshops that empower women to be the best versions of themselves. Five workshops in several locations throughout the Greater Vancouver area;

1. Detox Daily for Weight Loss, Glowing Skin, and Vibrant Health Workshop

2. Yoga and Nutrition for PMS Workshop

3. Menstrual Cycle Reset for PMS Workshop

4. Women’s Healthy Hormones Workshop

5. Prenatal Yoga and Birth Empowerment 6 Week Series

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Private Meditation and Yoga Classes (60 minutes) $100

Located at The Yoga Root in North Vancouver. Private lessons are taught to your specific needs, wellness goals and abilities. Each class will include customized yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditations.

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Whether you're pregnant or looking to become pregnant in the future, now is the time to build your body for strength and resilience, filling it with nourishing food and healthy life habits!

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