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Are you ready to take control of your health? This is how I started my journey and I feel very blessed to be able to help you with yours.

There are 3 ways to get started;

(1) Purchase a Kit which comes with a FREE membership. This is the most economical option as the cost of your membership is waived! Your kit will be shipped directly to your home.Click here for more info.

(2) Purchase a Membership for $42.00 and then select the individual essential oils at wholesale pricing and have them shipped directly to your home.  Click here for more info!

(3) Purchase essential oils individually from my on-line store and have them shipped directly to your home. CLICK HERE to shop.  Contact me anytime if you want help selecting essential oils.  Click here to contact me.

What is the membership? Imagine your doTerra membership as a Costco card. There is no monthly obligations or any other commitments. It gives you 25% off everything sold by doTerra for a full year from your enrollment date.  By getting your membership, you become a Wholesale Customer and can shop at your own time, everything is done online and shipped directly to your home!  

There are NO extra fees!  There is NO requirement to sell!  There are NO monthly minimums!

Once you select your kit, follow the instructions below or click here to contact me for assistance. If you are not sure what you need, or want to explore other oils, please contact me and we can schedule a free call.

My three favorite kits are doTerra's AromaTouch Kit,doTerra's Essentials Collection Kit, and doTerra's Home Essential's Kit. All of these kits come with a free one-year membership ( 25% off discount on everything for a full year!). If you want to explore other kits, please contact me for options or click here to shop.

AromaTouch Kit with Diffuser (CDN $180)

Essentials Collection Kit (CDN $185)

Home Essentials Kit with Diffuser (CDN $330)

Bonus Content for Joining My Team

Once you purchase a kit or membership, you will also receive;

  • Our exclusive 'Best Ways to Use Your Oils' Ebook
  • Access to the Private Naturally You Facebook Group, full of tips, education and videos on Essential Oils.
  • You will be invited to join The Naturally You Oil Camp training, where we  offer an interactive video-based Essential Oil training to get you started. 
  • Free access to our Essential Wellness Series continuing education program including our amazing Emotions and Essential Oils event
  • Ongoing personalized support and assistance.

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Note: For now, the US warehouse offers more products, and at the end, the cost is relatively the same. Only difference is that shipping takes longer and is a bit more expensive. 

4. Enter your information, select your kit and SAVE!  It's that easy!!!!!!!

I'm always here to help you, so please contact me if you have any questions.