Seven Steps to Shaking Your Sugar Habit

You don't even need to have a sweet tooth to be addicted to sugar.  It's crazy addictive and it is an epidemic!  Most people think that since they don't eat sugary candy that they don't have a sugar habit but sugar is everywhere; yogurt, bread, ketchup, hummus, bacon, pasta sauce, salad dressing, baby food and formula, and the list goes on.

Without all the sugar in your diet you could regain your energy and emotional balance without a crazy addictive substance sucking up all the minerals and B vitamins that are responsible for keeping stress under control.  In fact, unstable blood sugar is the most underlying cause behind hormonal problems.

Do you feel your hormones may be out of whack? Do you have irregular periods, endometriosis, fibroids, or PCOS? Have you been having difficulty getting pregnant? You may want to pay attention to the cumulative amount of sugar you are putting in your body everyday. 

Since sugar is disguised in many different ways, it's important to recognize the different names so that you can recognize them when you are reading food labels.

Seven Steps to Breaking Up With Sugar for Good

1.  Go to bed!  Well, not right now but go to bed on time to get a good nights sleep and find time to relax throughout your day.  When you are stressed or tired, your body will crave false energy in the form of sugar or caffeine.  More sleep equals less sugar cravings!

2.  Skip the low-fat and fat-free foods, they're full of sugar.  They are also full of cheap pro-inflammatory oils which will send you on a roller-coaster of cravings all day long.  This is so true of many women who bought into this fad in the 90s and had tons of cravings, gained weight, and felt exhausted.

3.  Eat a well balanced breakfast.  Traditionally, the North American breakfast is a carb-fest; toast, cereal, get the picture.  These types of refined carbs spikes our blood sugar which sets us up to crave sugar.  Instead, start your day with a well balanced breakfast  The key to stabilizing blood sugar is to start each day with a well balanced breakfast, consisting of protein, healthy fats and complex carbs, within 90 minutes of getting up in the morning.

TIP: Try using mashed bananas in place of sugar.  Download the free Breakfast Recipe Book below for more ideas!

Easy Breakfast Recipes

4.  Use healthy sweetening alternatives.  Avoid artificial sweeteners and food with added sugar.  You know these pretty pink, blue and yellow packets - consider them toxic!!  Instead use gentle, natural sweeteners such as those listed below. Please keep in mind, sugar is sugar so the alternatives still need to be used sparingly.

Healthy Sugar Alternatives

5.  Drink lots of water.  Often times our sugar cravings are dehydration in disguise.  Try this trick.  Before you indulge in a sweet treat, drink a glass of water and then wait 10 minutes.  I bet that sugar craving has significantly been reduced or have gone away completely!

6.  Experiment with different sweet vegetables and fruits.  Try having a sweet potato or butternut squash soup at lunch and see if that helps you to crave sugar less in the afternoon.  This will really help if you usually have an afternoon energy slump.  These vegetables slowly release glucose into your bloodstream versus the sugar spike of the refined stuff.

7.  Watch your caffeine.  Make an observation especially if you drink coffee in the morning without food.  Coffee in the morning without food always causes a sugar craving in the afternoon.

I know, cutting down on sugar is hard work because sugar is everywhere and if you don't have the time and knowledge to create a program for yourself that is unique to you and your lifestyle it can be an uphill battle. And quite frankly, diets don't work, they just set you up for failure, making you feel that you have no will power.  This is complete bunk!!!  Will power has very little to do with it.  Our body's are made to balance themselves, they are amazing but if you are trying to starve or trick it, your body will hold onto the weight and calories to proctor itself.

 But here's the thing,  your blood sugar balance is one of the key indicators of your long-term hormonal health.  What does that mean to you?  It means that if you want to get pregnant in the future you are going to need all your hormones to be working together properly, they are crucial for your reproductive health.

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