How to Make Your Own Toxin-Free Cleaning Products

Why would you spray toxins from commercial cleaners in your face to clean your home?

Research shows that unnecessary exposures to toxic chemicals in the home may be taking a toll on our health, hormones and fertility. Here are some simple tips for avoiding toxic chemicals.

Toxin Free Cleaning recipes to protect your hormones and fertility .

Make your own cleaning products.
It’s easy, fun, and cheap to make non-toxic cleaners from safe and effective ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, soap flakes and castile soap.

WHY? Certain chemicals in cleaning products have been linked to reduced fertility, birth defects, increased risk of breast cancer, asthma, and hormone disruption

Avoid synthetic fragarances.
When you are shopping for cleaning products, laundry detergents,and personal care products look for products  labeled “fragrance-free.” Warning: “Unscented” does not always mean fragrance-free! And please don't use air fresheners, there are so many easy ways to make your home smell wonderful naturally.
WHY? Synthetic fragrance can be made up of hundreds of chemicals, which manufacturers are legally allowed to keep secret from consumers. Common fragrance chemicals include phthalates (linked to reproductive and developmental harm) and synthetic musks (potential risks of breast cancer).


Check out your existing commercial cleaners
Using websites like or or apps like Think Dirty to give you ratings on the personal care products you are currently using .
WHY?  Be aware if you are spraying harmful chemicals in your home and hurting your health.

It's important to look at all of the products we consume, not only the products we call “food.” What we use on our skin and in our home is just as important as the food we eat.  When products are exposed to our skin or we breath them in when they are sprayed, they are being absorbed into our blood stream and delivered to our organs to deal with

Pregnancy Preparation and Fertility

We all process these toxins differently but they all add to our toxic load and this can overwhelm our bodies and can lead to disease and bodily harm.  If you are pregnant or are looking to become pregnant in the future this can be even more troublesome. 

The harmful effects of some chemicals can be passed down not only to children, but also to grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, according to a new EWG report on the growing body of transgenerational toxicity research.

Cleaning Products are Easy to Make!!!!

And you hormones, fertility, and future generations will thank you for it!!!

Here's one of my favourite, super easy cleaning products which requires only 3 ingredients and will save you tons of money and help keep you and your family toxin free!!

Laundry Powder

Only takes minutes to make and cleans really well.  For extra cleaning power, use 5 drops of Lemon Essential Oil for each load of laundry.  You can purchase pre-made soap flakes or make your own by grating vegetable soap bars with a kitchen grater. 
Makes enough for 16 to 32 loads of laundry, very cost effective!!!

1 cup soap flakes + 1/2 cup baking soda + 1/2 cup washing soda

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.  Store in glass jar with a secure lid. Use 1 to 2 Tablespoons per load of wash.  5 drops of lemon essential oil is an option for extra cleaning power and a wonderful smell!

Peppermint Bathroom and Toilet Cleaner

10 drops Peppermint Essential Oils + 10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil + 1/8 cup Castile Soap + 1 cup distilled water

Use this spray for cleaning your bathroom and sprinkle baking soda in your toilet and spray this over top and wait 10 minutes and then scrub. Shake bottle before use.  Store up to 3 months.

TIP: When using essential oils. it's important to use distilled water as the chlorine in tap water will eventually destroy the integrity and effectiveness of the oils.