5 Apps to Help You Buy Better


Are you a slow methodical shopper or do you want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible?

Reading labels is time consuming!

I’ll be honest, I really have to be in the mood to shop and I have to have some free time.  This rarely happens! 

The quick in and out plan does not work well when you have to read labels and let’s face it, we really should be reading the labels.  You want to make sure you’re not exposing yourself or your loved ones to harmful ingredients especially on the items that you use often.

Even when you do read the labels, can you understand them?

You have to have super-human vision and a masters degree in chemistry! And lets not forget about the tons of patience you need to make sense of it.


Well Good News!!

There’s an app for that… actually several excellent apps and I’ve listed them out below for you.


5 Apps to Help You Buy Better

#1 Think Dirty


No, this is not a suggestion, it’s an app! It’s free and very easy to use. Using the camera on your phone you line it up with the UPC code on the product and within seconds you get a rating of your beauty product.  It's also very helpful when you are buying products in a store, no more guessing or trying to make sense of all of those ingredients you can't pronounce. It’s an American based app but there are over 1 million products listed.


#2 EWG’s Healthy Living

Another terrific free app and this one lets you look up both food and cosmetic products.

It also works by using your phone camera to scan the product’s bar code and the information is reliable in terms of their data, verification, ingredient knowledge.  The only shortfall I found was that I didn’t find that it had as many products listed as Think Dirty. If you want access to their larger databases, visit their websites: Skindeep Cosmetics database and Food Score.


#3 Chemical Maze


This app is well worth the $9.99 investment.  Often times I’m looking at new products or items made from small companies and they won’t be in the EWG or Think Dirty App databases. Now with this app, for both food and cosmetic ingredients, I can look them up and get a clear review.


The Risk Level result uses emoji faces, from double red/sad through to double green/happy.  For the food additives you can also use the filter which includes; Derived From, Diet (avoid if gluten intolerant etc, Effects on Body (reproductive System etc), Risk Level or Symptoms.  Click your choices and it will show you all the additives you need to avoid that will affect your chosen filter/s. Genius!!!


#4 Chem-Eleon


I paid $5.49 for this app and it’s quite cute. It would be great for kids or adults like me who are kids at heart. It’s very easy to use and the visual are fun. It uses a colour code system to rank additives and you simply type in a name or number, or scroll through the list and chameleon will show green for safe, orange for “should be avoided,” and red for harmful. A really great way to get children involved to learn about additives in food. It would also make a great teaching tool for school age kids.


#5 Detox Me

Want a free app that will give you simple, research-based tips on how to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals? The Detox Me app breaks it down to 5 segments of your life; Cleaning, Children, Food/Drink, Home, Personal Care, Clothing. It also keeps track of your progress!

There’s a couple of ways that you can work through this app;

  1. You can work your way through the wheel of the 5 segments and track your progress against each tip, whether that’s yes you do it already, you want to work on it, or not something you can focus on right now.

  2. You can use the search function at the bottom of the screen – you can type in a term, say Curtain or Cleaning for example and it’ll list all the tips relating to that topic or item.


Clean living just got easier!! You are now officially empowered to take control of what you put in and on your body. Would love to hear how you keep toxins out of your body. There’s so much to learn and share and so many great people creating better and easier ways to live a wonderful life.