You Shouldn’t Have to Compromise Your Health to Care For Your Body!

Learn How to Remove Toxins For Vibrant Health 

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I value your journey

I help my clients achieve their wellness goals so they can manage a healthy weight, have glowing skin and vibrant health. I help women protect their fertility! I offer workshops and one-on-one counselling to meet your personal goals.

Holistic Nutrition

I value your time

As a Holistic Nutritionist,  I teach my clients how to make easy and delicious food following time-saving meal plans. In my workshops I offer free recipe e-books and food sampling. I believe food should be fun and taste great!

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I value your energy

As a Yoga Teacher, I teach my students stress management, meditation, and breathing exercises to assist the body in absorbing nutrients so they have the energy they need to enjoy life, career, pregnancy, and family and friends.

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I value your health

I show my clients how to gently increase their body's natural metabolizing of toxins. The foods we eat and our daily activities and habits greatly influence how we eliminate the toxins that our body is exposed to daily.

A bit more about Kat...

Workshop Educator, Holistic Nutritionist, Birth Doula, Yoga Teacher, Creator of Fertile Beauty Self Care, Wife and Mother of two awesome kids.

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Giving birth to my two children was the greatest experience of my life,  I am so thankful for what they have taught me and the love I feel for them. My kids are the reason I started down the path of holistic health and certainly not because I did everything right but because I've made mistakes.

I thought I knew what it meant to eat healthy and I thought that as long as I drank a lot of milk and didn't drink alcohol or smoke when I was pregnant, I was good. I wish I knew then what I know now!  I may have been able to at least lessen the severity of their allergies and asthma.  


I did the best that I could at the time but I can now help other women do better for their children. 

I started teaching yoga in 2003 and have guided students to a better quality of health and life. Check out my current yoga classes in the Vancouver area by clicking here. In 2012 I went back to school to study nutrition and graduated in 2014 as a Holistic Nutritionist.

Many women are using skin care products every day that are impacting their health and their fertility.  I've been making my own beauty products for over 20 years so it was only natural that I share these toxin-free formulas and products.  This passion for high quality and nourishing self care lead me to create Fertile Beauty.


Fertile Beauty was created so you can be beautiful without compromising your health or fertility.


Fertile Beauty Self Care products support your health and your hormones without the need for fillers, petroleums, toxins, dyes, and emulsifiers that most commercial products use which can cause many health problems.

There is so much to learn on your journey as a woman.  

 You don't have to take this journey alone.